Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Tender Mercy Tuesday

Our Heavenly Father is always blessing us in ways that are so subtle, sometimes we don't recognize them unless we are looking.

A while ago when I was in Concord, North Carolina, I was living with three other sister missionaries. You must understand, we missionaries have a lot of rules. They are good and protect us....but we have a lot. Anyway, some of those rules include only e-mailing our families on Mondays and doing so at computers where companions can see each others screens -- so basically next to each other. For the past several weeks we had had difficulty finding even two computers side-by-side. This made it so one companion had to sit impatiently while the other hurriedly took care of their e-mailing and such. Then we'd have to switch. It was made even more frustrating because we had other errands to run as well, and, because all four of us (two companionships) shared a car, all four missionaries had to be finished  with our e-mailing before we left to do other things. With companions having to wait on each other, it cut deeply into time we could use otherwise.

This particular Monday was one of my last in Concord. I really didn't want to have to anxiously wait for a computer to be able to communicate with my family, and I had to use my remaining allotted time to pack. Before getting out of our car outside the public library in Concord, we missionaries prayed like we usually would whenever we go anywhere. We prayed that each companionship would be able to find computers side-by-side, so we could just focus on and enjoy communicating with our families.

As we entered the library and walked around the bookshelves to the public computers, what did we see? You better believe it. Four wide open computers all in a row. Not only could we e-mail our families all at the same time, but both companionships could be right by one another. What a beautiful tender mercy that our Heavenly Father bestowed on us that day.

It wasn't going to kill us to have to take turns, but Heavenly Father was kind enough to allow this small blessing. Be on the lookout for your own!


  1. So I follow your blog sister Neilson as you are a huge inspiration to me and my local mission work and my future full time mission work, and Tender Mercy Tuesdays are my favorite posts to read because they always remind me that our Heavenly Father is in Every aspect of our lives - even the small details. :)

    1. You are an incredible inspiration to me. It is to find people like you and your mother that missionaries go out and try to share the gospel. Thank you so much for all you do!